Organic –  Ethics – Involve



Verlaine & Rimbaud is above all a different vision of fashion and an absolute desire to change the world. The fashion industry is now one of the most polluting in the world, second after the oil industry! But, every day, each of us are a consumer clothing. This is why at Verlaine & Rimbaud we started a giant battle to try to change attitudes and practices of the biggest multinationals by offering only organics and ethical products. But beware, Organic does not mean lower quality or outdated. Instead, our products have an exceptional quality way much greater than what is used by large multinationals: fibers thicker, stronger and softer. Also, we only offer ultra modern curved cuts and reworking timeless fashion piece of yesteryear and today. Like Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud, two great rebels and marginals poets, we are fighting every day to try to change the attitudes and make a difference to our level to arrive a day to make our slogan a reality: UNFUCK THE WORLD!

An other way to do Fashion 

We use only fully certified organic and ethical products in accordance with the highest certifications currently in the world. All our products are 100% climate neutral and are 100% made with clean renewable energy from wind turbines and solar power. We don’t adhere to any political party and we do not represent any particular minority. Our clothing tries to protect the planet and to fight all the different kind of human discrimination around the world. Our emblem is the bow tie as we believe that it is possible to be protest, elegant and smart at the same time. Verlaine & Rimbaud address to all citizens of this world. It’s a wide world, but we love to think that our differences unite us, and that our thoughts and demands are not so different.

All our products are design, screen print and embroidered by hand by artisans, one by one in the heart of Paris in France. It is the same for our seams and our customization made by hand with love by the founder of the brand in his workshop in Paris. Even our labels are made in France, along the Chateaux of the Loire Valley. Because of this, every shirt is a unique piece.


The idea of Verlaine & Rimbaud came to the mind of its young creator Anthony VERLAINE, direct descendant of the Verlaine’s Family,  when a serious accident obliged him to stop his career in foreign policy and humanitarian. Fascinated by fashion and international politics since his childhood , he used this long period of rehabilitation to think about how to evolve consciousness by others means than pure politics, with the objective of reaching a younger public . With a very low budget, he began to design clothes and to write effective punchlines : thus was born Verlaine & Rimbaud!

The production of our products cost us about 3-4 times much more than the average of others big comapnies. But for us ethics must come before business. So, by buying our clothes you are stylish and you help us to Unfuck the world.

Because we want that our children grow up in a better world where nature and tolerance have a primordial role, Verlaine & Rimbaud via its organization will plant a tree for every product bought on our website !